MINI Inspection Service

MINI Inspection Service

Some older models still use the more traditional Inspection Service regime. The Inspection Service regime works by routinely replacing various service components at recommended intervals. There are three service types Oil Service, Inspection 1 and Inspection 2. Below is an example of an Inspection 1 service.


Example shown below is for early Mini’s 2003 – 2007. On certain diesel models air and fuel filters are replaced on third engine oil change at a cost, please contact us for specific costs. Excludes Cooper S models.

Parts included in this package:

This package includes wearing parts, materials and fluids that meet the strict MINI quality standards.

Work performed in this package:

Note: The following list of services refers to the inspection for a Mini Cooper. Because inspection services vary from model to model, this list is merely an example of the range of services for a particular model. For an exact description of services in this inspection for your specific vehicle, please contact us.

Body / Electrical Equipment
  • Lighting system is checked
  • Instrument panel, dashboard illumination, and heater blower fan are checked
  • Horn, headlight flasher and hazard warning system are checked
  • Condition of seat belt, function of automatic-locking retractor, belt lock and belt buckle are checked
  • Acid level and state-of-charge in battery are checked and charged if required**
  • Microfilter or activated charcoal filter** are replaced
  • Engine Compartment
  • Test with diagnostic system is performed to determine if any faults had been automatically recorded by the vehicle
  • Motor oil and oil filter are removed and replaced with new oil and filter
  • Coolant levels are checked; when refilled, concentration of fluid is checked
  • At the corresponding interval coolant is changed (every four years at the latest), fluid is added as needed**
  • Service interval indicator is reset according to factory specifications
  • Fluid level and antifreeze additive in windscreen washer fluid reservoir are checked and topped up if needed
  • Steering fluid reservoir is checked and fluid is topped up if needed
  • At the corresponding interval brake fluid is replaced (every two years at the latest)**
  • Overall thickness of front and rear disc brake pads is checked using a special tool. If replacement is necessary: surfaces are checked, brake pad contact points in callipers and brake shafts are cleaned. If replacement in rear is necessary: parking brake linings are checked. Wheel centring hubs on light-alloy wheels are greased.**
  • Steering system is checked for play, leakage, damage and wear
  • Undercarriage and body including all visible parts are checked for damage, leakage, corrosion
  • Brake system cables and connections are checked for leaks, damage and correct positioning
  • Functionality of parking brake is checked and adjusted where needed according to regulations
  • Tyre pressure is checked and adjusted where needed (including spare wheel), and external condition, tread depth and wear pattern are checked

Final Inspection

Roadworthiness is checked, including brakes, steering/power steering, clutch, shock absorbers, control and warning lamps, Check Control (the system that monitors and displays information on the current condition of major functions such as doors, boot lid, lights, etc.)

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