Mercedes Servicing

Mercedes Servicing

Most Mercedes cars are fitted with the Active Service System (known as ASSYST). On vehicles fitted with the ASSYST system, the basic service is carried out and additional items such as spark plugs, fuel filter and air filters are changed depending on age or mileage. When these additional items are replaced, they will be quoted for separately by your Service Consultant. The majority of newer Mercedes models are equipped with Service ASSYST PLUS.

This is also a variable service schedule alternating from A to H service, with the letters indicating how much time and work will need to be performed within the workshop. The ‘A’ Service will be a basic service whilst the ‘H’ Service would indicate a more comprehensive service.

As a Mercedes driver you already know about quality and style. Our Mercedes Specialists have been looking after Mercedes for over 20 years and have worked on everything from a sporty SLK Roadster to the luxurious S Class executive saloon. You can be confident that the quality of our workmanship will help keep your Mercedes in top class condition whether you need a service or a repair.

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What services do we offer?

iAutoUK Croydon offer the very best service options for your vehicle. To find out more please make your selection below:

Mercedes ‘B’ Service
Booking Your Mercedes 'B' Service The first B service visit to an approved Mercedes specialist should be appro...
Mercedes ‘A’ Service
Booking Your Mercedes A Service The first visit to an approved Mercedes service centre should be approximately...

Premium Plus

Here at iAutoUK, when you bring your car to us for servicing we can offer some extra benefits that other service centres may not give you. With our range of advanced engine and fuel treatments we can get rid of any contamination in your engine and deposits from your fuel system for several positive effects.

Saving you money

With substantial buying power we are able to save money on dealer specification parts which we source direct from the manufacturer. We also have lower overheads than most main dealers and keep an eye on all our costs enabling us to charge a much lower hourly rate for labour.  

Our capabilities

Our Mercedes Specialists have all the latest Mercedes diagnostic software and our main dealer spec service means that our servicing is approved under the manufacturer’s warranty so there’s nothing for you to worry about on that front. So if you have a Mercedes A or C class, a new CLS class, the excellent Viano or any of the latest models on offer you can rest assured that your car will be worked on by a professionally trained technician who knows Mercedes inside out.

 Other services 

Services we offer

We also offer a wide range of individual and specialist services.

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