Case Studies

Examples of our work

Below are some real world examples of customers we have dealt with over the past few months. These are just a small sample of the services we offer. Please browse the site to familiarise yourself with our other services or contact us today to make a booking.

Mr. Halpin, Sanderstead

We always like to grow our business through word of mouth and recommendation, in order to help do this we decided to share the cost savings made by not having to invest in expensive advertising campaigns with YOU, the customer. Mr Halpin had previously had a service on his Range Rover and as with all of our customers was given some recommendation cards. These entitled the person being recommended to a one off 10% discount but more importantly earned Mr Halpin a £20 credit against future servicing / repairs. Over the course of a month Mr Halpin recommended 3 new customers to us earning him £60 which he promptly turned into a free airconditioning service.

  • Range Rover Evoque
  • Aircon Re-gas
  • FREE!
  • Saved £60.00

Mrs. Selvarajan, Thornton Heath

The iAutoUK specialists are approved by nearly all of the UK’s contract hire and leasing companies for servicing and repairs. Using the OneLink network we are able to obtain authorisation and payment all electronically making all transactions completely hassle free to the customer. When Mrs Selvarajan’s brake warning light came on in her MINI Cooper S, which was on contract through Lloyds TSB Autolease, she simply called in and after diagnosing the problem we were able to immediately authorise new discs and pads directly with Lloyds and 50 minutes later she was on her way again.

  • Mini Cooper S
  • Service
  • n/a
  • Saved n/a

Major Supermarket, Shirley, nr Croydon

Business, as well as private customers, are able to make substantial cost savings when using the iAutoUK Croydon to look after their fleet of vehicles. A local company approached us and enquired if we were able to look after delivery vans. Until this point they had been using a local main dealer but felt that their current service costs were far too high. We suggested that we collect the vans and deliver back to site or for quicker jobs a while you wait service where their drivers could take advantage of our relaxing waiting area and enjoy fresh coffee :o) and keep in touch with base using our wi-fi facilities.

  • 15+ Mercedes Sprinters
  • Service
  • n/a
  • Saved n/a

Mr. Cooper, Wallington

Although we’re not the next emergency services, we are often able to attend a local (within 20 miles) breakdown within the hour and non local (20 miles +) within a couple of hours, 24 hours a day. When Mr Cooper’s Audi decided to over-heat on the way to work one morning, he simply called our office and we promptly organized a recovery service. His vehicle was recovered to our premises, and we offered Mr Cooper a courtesy car for the day whilst we looked into the problem. Later that day we discovered the problem, rang Mr Cooper for authority on the repair and was able to have the car back on the road again by the end of the day.

  • Audi S5, 2010
  • Service
  • n/a
  • Saved n/a

Mr. Timms,

Mr Timms has an Audi A3 2.0TDi (2004 reg). He had an exact dealer specification cambelt kit fitted by ourselves but unfortunately, after only 18 months and 38,000 miles, the cambelt tensioner failed causing the belt to snap. The fault was a rare one and was caused by mechanical failure however it resulted in severe damage to the valves within the cylinder head.

The repair would have cost Mr Timms over £2000 but because the cambelt tensioner was under two years old and therefore still under warranty, we were able to effect a warranty claim and complete the repair in full.

A saving of over £2000 for Mr Timms! Had he opted for a non dealer specification cambelt kit which at the time was only £35 cheaper he would have had to pay for the repairs himself as these kits are only covered for 12 months and normally do not include any consequential damage.

  • Audi A3 2.0TDi
  • Cambelt change
  • Warantee
  • Saved over £2000

Mr. Thompson, Croydon

Mr Thompson made enquiries as to the initial cost of a first in warranty service for his beloved BMW 1 Series. After discussing the initial work with one of our consultants he decided to visit our premises and check out our facilities. We were able to show him around our workshops in Croydon and explain our BMW approved service schedule to him. Once satisfied that his vehicle was to be in safe hands we carried out the condition based service items while he waited and watched one of our Senior Technicians, from the comfort of our customer waiting area. The only thing that Mr Thompson had to worry about was what to spend the money we saved him on!

  • BMW 1 Series, 2009
  • Service
  • n/a
  • Saved Over £145.00*

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